The choice between a cremation or a burial is a very personal one. If you have chosen a cremation, then you will have to consider how you would like to lay the ashes to rest. You can choose from several options. We are available to discuss these options with you when the time arises. Crematoriums are located across Sydney and NSW in all regions. Gregory & Carr Funerals can arrange a cremation at any of the crematoriums, no matter where you live.

Gregory & Carr Funerals can also arrange the required legal documents and liaise with the crematorium authorities. On these forms, your family or next of kin will need to record their intention regarding the disposition of the cremated remains. If you are undecided, the crematorium will hold the cremated remains for a reasonable period of time and will contact you for instructions. Or the ashes can be returned to Gregory & Carr Funerals who will contact you and take you through the options.

Crematoriums offer many unique and personalised alternatives for the final resting place of the cremated remains including:

  1. Permanent Memorials — such as a columbarium wall, rose garden, memorial seat, garden rockery or family garden estate.
  2. Alternative Memorials — such as full size memorials at the crematorium or a keepsake memorial which can be made from ceramic, solid timber, cast bronze, gold or silver jewellery, picture frames or remembrance cabinets.
  3. Scattering — this option is irreversible and can be done almost anywhere including at the crematorium, on your family property, in the ocean, on mountains, in outer space from a satellite or a place that holds special memories.
Whatever your decision, Gregory & Carr Funerals are always ready to go through the choices.