Alternative Services

Burials At Sea

Gregory & Carr Funerals offer you the choice to be buried at sea. Australian burials are, however, regulated under the Sea Dumping Act, requiring a permit which is administered by the Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts.

The Gregory and Carr Funerals — Burials at Sea option can be arranged in accordance with the Ship Captains’ Medical Guide and authorities and we would be happy to make any enquiry on your behalf and fill out the application form for the permit. Some key aspects to consider for this type of alternative burial option are:

  • There is no automatic right to be buried at sea. Long serving navy personnel or fishermen are more likely to be granted approval (NB: there are no current restrictions at all for scattering ashes into the sea).
  • The most difficult task in arranging a burial at sea is locating an appropriate burial site as there are several restrictions that have to be adhered to.
  • Additional approvals for a burial at sea may be required from relevant state or territories.

For more information about this Burials at Sea option, please call Gregory & Carr Funerals today on 1800 266 588 or contact us via this website.

Eco Burials

There are many alternative choices for environmentally friendly burials offered by Gregory & Carr Funerals throughout NSW and even across Australia and New Zealand. There are several Eco Burial sites across NSW that offer a more natural burial, where GPS devices are used to locate loved ones without disturbing the ground and the use of headstones.

For more information about this Eco Burial option, please contact Gregory & Carr Funerals today on 1800 266 588 or contact us via this website.

Burial In Space

Burials that take place in space is a new concept for Australians. Overseas — particularly in America, Canada, Britain, Germany and Japan — this option is a reality.

Gregory & Carr Funerals are working in association with Heavenly Journeys and others and can offer this service to anyone interested in doing something different for their loved ones.

To guarantee reliable launch services, we contract with leading private space transport companies. The cremated remains will journey into space in a personalised memorial space flight urn. This urn will be recovered after the flight and presented to you as a memorial of your loved one’s journey and the options are:

  • Final disposition of cremated remains in space OR
  • Round trip space flight of cremated remains

Included Services (All Flights):

  • Coordination with client and client’s local service providers to ensure safe, reliable, and respectful transportation of remains to Heavenly Journeys’ facilities in New Mexico
  • Preparation of cremated remains for spaceflight
  • Coordination and scheduling of space flight
  • Coordination and communication with client throughout the entire process from initial contact to launch and recovery
  • Personalised memorial spaceflight urn
  • Memorial photo and video of the rocket launch and other launch day activities
  • Launch day support to include transportation to and from the Spaceport to facilitate space flight viewing
  • Customized memorial gathering held at our chapel on day of launch
  • Biography and photo of your loved one on Heavenly Journeys memorial web page
  • Optional Services: Pre-planned Option
  • Customised Personal Travel Services

For more information about this burial in space option, please contact Gregory & Carr Funerals today on 1800 266 588 or contact us via our online  form.