Traditional Burials

In general, there are four main types of burial options available. It is important that you discuss your preferred choice with your funeral director as not all options may be available at your selected cemetery. Some cemeteries may allow for advance arrangements and pre-purchase of cemetery sites where families may wish to be together.

Lawn Burials

Instead of traditional headstones, lawn burial sites feature bronze plaques on granite or concrete bases on the grave at ground level. When you overlook a lawn cemetery, all you see is a very peaceful panorama of lawn.

Lawn Beam Burials

Lawn beam burials are suitable for people who like the idea of a lawn setting, but prefer something more akin to a headstone. In these areas, bronze plaques on small raised granite or concrete headstones are placed on a common beam of concrete. There is an area to place floral tributes on the beam on either side of the plaque. It is not necessary for floral tributes to be removed for lawn maintenance.

Monumental Burials

Monumental burial sites are more traditional than lawn or lawn beam cemeteries. These areas feature headstones made of granite, marble or concrete. Monumental masons construct the headstones to suit your request. The construction and upkeep of monuments usually remains the responsibility of the burial rights holder and descendants. Your local Council needs to give permission for the monument to be erected on the grave. The monumental mason you select to construct your memorial will normally apply for the necessary permit.

Mausoleum Vault Burials

Mausoleum vault burials are available in some cemeteries. Mausoleums are external, above-ground, free-standing buildings with spaces or burial chambers for coffins.