Funeral Costs

The cost of a funeral depends on the choices you make. We will discuss the type of service you would like and complete a written estimate as a guide to the total cost of the funeral. We confirm these costs prior to the funeral, which will form the actual statement of account.
Funeral costs usually include:

  1. Funeral Director’s charges including our service fee, use of our facilities, mortuary care and vehicles, and if required embalming and after-hours transfer fees.
  2. The coffin or casket depending on your selection. We can help you choose a coffin or casket according to how much you wish to spend and what you consider is appropriate.
  3. Disbursements or expenses we pay for the funeral arrangement on your behalf including the death certificate, crematorium or cemetery fees, floral tributes, clergy and funeral notices.

Prior to the day of the service we will confirm the actual cost and a deposit of 50% will need to be paid. The funeral account will normally be sent directly to you for payment or, if you prefer, we can usually arrange for the account to be provided to you in advance, and you can present the account to the relevant bank or financial institution for payment.