Community Support Programs

Gregory & Carr Supports The Community

Gregory & Carr Funerals have established and continue to maintain our Community Support Programs across Sydney, ensuring that we are always part of the local community.

The Gregory & Carr Funerals Community Support Program provides a range of services being donated to either non-profit organisations or entities that we deem of interest to us and of benefit to the local community. Currently over 30% of our marketing budget is invested in community based projects and local charity donations rather than on billboards, TV and the like.

Some of the people we have helped through the Gregory & Carr Funerals Community Support Program include:

  • Care Flight
  • Novus Foundation
  • Sydney Cochlear Implant Centre (children)
  • Mona Vale Hospital
  • Bike and car rally for “Kids with Cancer” Charity
  • Narrabeen Sports High School
  • Pittwater RSL Soccer Club
  • Meals On Wheels
  • Concord Hospital
  • St George & Calvary Hospital
  • Parramatta Aged Care
  • Parramatta RSL
  • PLUS over 160 nursing homes and charities are supported by Gregory & Carr Funerals by providing entertainment for the residents including such things as a music man, DVD’s and even Wii consoles and games.

Read on for some stories about the support Gregory & Carr Funerals offer the local communities:

Wii-Hab Community Support Program

Wii brings fun and rehabilitation to seniors. Increasing numbers of older people are enjoying the mental and physical stimulation of playing various sports on a Nintendo Wii. Crowded around the big-screen TV in the cafeteria, 11 players anxiously awaited their turn on the Nintendo Wii. “I love bowling!” yelled Richard … “I got four strikes!” The 13 adults, mostly senior citizens confined to wheelchairs, were playing a game of bowling on the Nintendo Wii gaming system.

Most of them had never played a video game, but most had been bowling in real life, and they said this was almost exactly the same.

“I think it’s fantastic,” said Viola Wilson, 77, who was a regular bowler in her younger days. “It’s easy once you get it down. Whoever invents these things, it’s fantastic!” Graham Stewart from Gregory & Carr Funerals said they used funds from The Gregory & Carr Community Support Program to purchase a Nintendo Wii gaming system for the centre in May because they had heard great things from other rehabilitation centres that used it overseas. “This is mentally good and physically good for them,” he said, walking around the room assisting the seniors with their bowling swings. “It’s good in all ways for them.”

The bowling game is actually pretty simple. The players hold the Wii remote control in one hand and swing their arm back while pressing the B button. Then, they swing their arm forward and release B as if they’re releasing a bowling ball. The ball on the screen rushes down the bowling lane just as it would in real life, and pins topple down depending on the angle and strength of the swing. “Residents have game tournaments with their grand-kids and kids that visit.  “This way, we thought, more people can do it, and we can all do it together here.”Donna said it’s an activity that is fun, but also helps the residents use their arms and minds in a new way. “It’s both mental and physical stimulation,” she said. “It’s a whole new use for this technology. It’s great exercise for the residents, and they love it.

Novus Foundation

The foundation raises funds to support projects that benefit youth. Gregory & Carr Funerals are a GOLD Sponsor.

The inaugural dinner in 2007 raised in excess of $100,000 for a project aimed at reducing childhood obesity. This study focused on testing if specific foods and lifestyle changes can improve healthy fat cell function.

The project chosen for 2008 was another area that affects our youth. The aim of this project is to determine if there are links between food and depression.

The project chosen for 2009 was “Pathway for Youth” sponsoring the PCYC.

The project chosen for 2010 is supporting Sydney Adventist Hospital’s Healthcare Outreach, PCYC Centre for Performing Arts Hornsby, The Rotary Club of Wahroonga Youth projects, StreetWork.

Lions Recycle for Sight Programme

The Lions are one of the world’s best known community organisations and the Recycle for Sight programme is one of their most important initiatives. Eye glasses are collected, by Gregory & Carr, repaired and cleaned, and then sent to communities in the developing world by the Lions, where they are distributed to people who otherwise would have no access to them. A pair of eye glasses can literally have a life changing effect for the recipient.

Gregory & Carr  Funerals assists this program through the placement and promotion of eye glasses collection boxes in our funeral homes and around our communities.

Together with the help of the community, Gregory & Carr Funerals has sent thousands of eye glasses to the Lions for distribution to communities currently without access to the medical services or the funds required to address vision impairment.

More information about the extremely important Lions Recycle for Sight Programme is available on 1800 266 588.