Burial Or Cremation

During your first contact with Gregory & Carr Funerals, our funeral director will ask you whether the person who has died wished to be buried or cremated. The choice — burial or cremation — determines which kind of medical certificate we are legally required to obtain.


Gregory & Carr Burial OptionsOur local cemeteries offer the choice of Upright Headstone or Plaque sections. You may find it useful to visit the cemetery to be sure about which style you would prefer. Some cemeteries will allow you to choose a plot when visiting.

Another matter for consideration is whether other family members may wish to be buried in the same plot in the future.

Some cemeteries will allow three people to be buried in the same plot, so you may wish to decide on single, double or triple depth as part of the funeral arrangements


Gregory & Carr CremationIn Australia, cremation is now a widely accepted alternative to burial. There are a number of crematoriums in the Sydney region. Each crematorium has different levels of facilities and costs vary; we are careful to keep you fully informed of what the standards of each crematorium are.

You may have seen the wording, ‘followed by private cremation’ in funeral notices. This refers to the time when the hearse moves off from the funeral service accompanied by either no one, or family members only.

The choice of whether you wish to travel to the crematorium is always up to you.